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Mum and daughter Maria and Charlotte visit the restaurant for the mother of all double dates. Will charming pilot Paul hit it off with gorgeous mum Maria? His prolonged presence at the Rovers caused Ryan to move in with Liam and Maria.

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The street has seen it all, from affairs of the heart to domestic disasters. Audrey reports the theft of her money to the police. Jenny suffers a meltdown behind the bar. Luigi is first seen in at the all new Valandros restaurant, as an assistant chef. Additional restrictions may apply.

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Michelle was shocked when Alex answered the door as he greatly resembled Dean. And Will vet Simon see past lawyer Arunima's wheelchair? However, his father didn't stick around long after the birth and Abi was forced to raise Seb alone. Sabotage threatens the grand opening of the barber's. Imran accuses Carla of covering up the truth.

This enables you to watch the video without an Internet connection. Sinead finally meets her baby boy. Chelsea girl Montana meets cheeky chappy Joe.

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Pete Yurkowski

And can Olympic kickboxer Aston inspire Olympic bobsleigh athlete Jordan to turn over a new leaf and settle down? He worries about how dates will react when they learn about his condition. Mandy and her ex-husband Stuart visit the restaurant together for dates with globetrotting Adam and divorcee Claire.

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This caused Alex to refuse to see Michelle again because she went back on her word. Malcolm and Erik Reichenbach are the only two contestants to be on an eight-person jury on multiple occasions. Can charmer Hussein handle bricklayer Molly's banter? There's a theme of second chances in this episode, with diners returning to the First Dates restaurant hoping not to repeat past mistakes. And Leslie and Babs bond over their mutual admiration of Michelle Obama.

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Nick informed Michelle that Alex, like Ryan, wanted things to stay as they were and he didn't want to see her. Abi was furious and discharged herself from hospital, however she only told Seb about Tracy's confession as her time in prison had conditioned her not to report someone else to the police. Mary accuses Freda of foul play.

  1. Michelle catches Robert lying about his whereabouts.
  2. Kate ploughs ahead with wedding planning.
  3. Will hairdresser Lauren fall for party boy Danny's perma-tan chutzpah, or will his Dutch courage put her off?
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  5. Clarissa and Harry then decide to give their marriage another try, and reconcile.
  6. Ken Barlow came across the shop and called the police, believing someone was burgling the place, leading Abi to take the blame.
  • Alex unlocked the door when Michelle told him he could stay as long as he wanted.
  • Norris secretly arranges to meet Doreen and persuades her to make up with Rita.
  • Georgia returns for a date with Alex, who she flirted with in the previous episode.
  • Imran maintains his innocence under police interrogation.
  • You just have to be clever enough for them to thank you for it in the end.

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Simon pulls Peter back from the brink. Eventually, Abi got chatting to Peter Barlow - who was repairing his new boat - and found herself being taken on as a mechanic to help him get the vehicle sea-worthy. Peter prioritises Simon over Abi. The dating hopefuls in this episode include a builder who's finally ready for a concrete relationship, a naked bike rider, a pair of gamers, and a man who's been married five times. Glamour model Danielle is returning to the dating scene after having her heart broken.

Make-up artist and model Danni meets bar manager Aiden, the tallest man to ever enter the First Dates restaurant. Sarah drowns her sorrows over Gary. Wayne offers to assist Roy with his research. Pilot Antonia hopes to meet a man who wants to know the woman behind the uniform.

Mel also asked her to do a police check on her mother's ex-boyfriend, Gary Denmark whom she claimed beat her. Shortly after, Dan and Leanne are arrested and questioned but soon released. Malcolm is the first contestant to play two back-to-back seasons that both featured Returning Players. Nick faces more questions from the police.

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Seb didn't believe that Abi was serious about changing, and therefore began accepting help from Anna Windass, this led to Abi relying more heavily on drugs and almost dying following an overdose. Audrey decides to sell her stake in the salon. Are Ben and Gary's dates more interested in each other? Christian did not take the news well and after angrily lashing out, he runs away.

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Is there chemistry between brawny scientist Ashley and single parent Sonia? Alasdair and Lee bond over their love of the pop parade. However, these plans were later changed when Lauren proved to be an extremely unlikeable character both in the viewers and the critic's eyes. In this special Valentine's episode, Mayfair-based Miki is looking for a man to treat her like a princess.

Tim and Sophie contact Duncan's daughter. Audrey accuses Claudia of stealing her money. What, if anything, do you most regret? After losing the first Immunity Challenge of the season, he joined the rest of his tribe in voting Ciera Eastin off first.

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Gary sets out to rescue Sarah from Rick's clutches. Meanwhile, romcom fanatic Becky is looking for her very own Hugh Grant. Simpson before the murder trial. Carter, Denise, Jeff, who is janelle dating now Malcolm.

And can karaoke crooner David help Jenni overcome her dating nerves by serenading her at the table? Rewatched an unhealthy amount of Disney movies and discovered I relate more to the villains. Malcolm's time in Game Changers was short-lived. How will undertaker-to-the-stars Chris, who's done the honours for Amy Winehouse and for Shane Ritchie's aunt, myths measure up? When Dan recovers he lies to the police about the nature of his injuries and Steve is arrested.

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And will sausage roll maker Joel's culinary creativity impress recipe developer Mimi? Gemma publicly accuses Paul of stealing. Instead, Michael went home in a vote after Andrea persuaded Stealth R Us to play it safe after catching wind of her being targeted. And pop singer Ben, who was a smash hit in the s, meets Sarah, who used to have his poster above her bed.

Pete quickly came up with a plan to vote out Malcolm and flush both his and Abi's idols from the game. Gina makes a discovery about Duncan. Abi was spared once again after Carter was voted off since he was a physical threat, octupus hook and then Abi was finally voted off after pretending to have an Immunity Idol.

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