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Gong striking clocks subsequently made clocks just added - new york, dating an antique ansonia clock open encasement. When dating from until about clock model names, inc. It runs well, and had a very loud sound when it strikes. By failing to maintain a realistic profit margin the comnpany took on increasing debt, bodybuilding all the while failing to curb the competition in the niche thgey once dominated.

Go with what you hear, a steady, rhythmic ticking sound. Recently while I was cleaning out her belongings I came across an old clock. Wind it clockwise until it is tight.

Tips to help you estimate the age and date of your antique clock

It has Westminister chimes. Click below to see contributions from other visitors to this page. In reality, even a small adjustment of the position of either the movement or beat plate may throw this off. Hi, I have an Antique clock - the identical clock as in the picture although I am missing the base. It is a great looking piece, 50 dating tips but I have no idea about it or who made it.

Can anyone tell me more about it. Previous Thread Next Thread. Gilbert Clock Company of Winsted, Ct.

The clock was made by the E. Telechron Digitel Anolog clock that looks digital. There are no markings anywhere else. It used to have a glass dome over it. Does anyone know more about it?

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Antique Ansonia Clocks

It's in need of a restoration. In the clock company purchased a factory in New York, and moved most of its production there after being spun off from the brass company. Wrangler is stamped on the back of the clock.

This clock is miles away in a home that needs to be cleared. So if anyone can help, it will be much appreciated. It has a night light lamp in the covered wagon. The business of the company was conducted by T.

Although he became one of the great mercantile capitalists of his time, Anson G. It is a New Haven clock, that much I have been able to figure out. He claims it was made in the s, but I'm not so sure. It works well and keeps good time.

It is missing the glass cover in front and is in fair condition. By June of it has workers. Theoretically, the clock movement is in a level position if the pendulum hangs in the center of the beat plate when at rest. You can post your clock here for other visitors to see.

On the back it says Eclipse made by E. My family was cleaning out the attic and found this beautiful old clock. There was no information about the clock from the auction house. It is in above average condition and works to this day. The strike side is on the left.

Antique Ansonia Clocks - Company History

It has an internal pendulum and uses a key to wind up the clock. It has both clock and chime windings. The back of the brass works has E.

Dating Ansonia Clock

Ansonia Clock Company

Ansonia Clocks

Ansonia Clock

Ansonia Clock Company

She thinks its about years old. It is model and has a Westinghouse clock mech. My husband and I were the first to go through the house. Somebody asked me to sell it. The manufacturer was Phillip Haas to the best of my knowledge.

Dating Ansonia Clock

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  1. It has been passed down on my wife's side of the family.
  2. Wind up clock works great and bell rings on the half hour and hour.
  3. No fade and paper is not at all discolored or faded or scratched.

Dating Antique Clocks Labels and Trademarks

You may wind either one first. It is in good working order. Many clock makers and companies put their names directly on the dial and on the movement. However you might end up with your special clock, you probably would like to identify, tips for dating date and generally learn more about it.

Phelps decided to get into the clockmaking business as a means to expand his market for his brass products. Would love to know the name of the clock and a value if possible. Gong striking clocks, is also known but it comes to date of some help in dating clocks.

Black slate Ansonia clock - help me? All I know is that it says Ansonia square pirate clock on the clock face and it is very heavy. The city of Ansonia was originally part of a larger area called Derby.

Anyone information would be appreciated. It has half a label on the back. My mother bought this clock at an estate sale in England.

Ansonia Clocks

It was ticking beautifully and stopped about two days afterwards. Clock face Ivory star-burst effect flowers pouncing each number. The clock is encased in dark wood. What is the origin of this clock.

It is a Sessions clock according to the label and info I have found online. It needed a few nails and glue for all the loose pieces. Very beautifull but dont know much about it. It has since fallen into disrepair and needs an overhaul to get it running again.

Hi there, I am curious to find out more about an antique clock I acquired through my mother. It is in great working order. It does run and keeps fairly good time. We brought this to our local clock repair store and the gentleman there told us it was black onyx. German China Clock, Antique or not?

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Dating Antique Clocks
  • Would like assistance please in dating this Ansonia clock in an oak case, has original Ansonia pendulum and Ansonia key marked as Ansonia.
  • We think it Adamantine, single column, roman numeral face.
  • Made like a book which opens up front and back Maybe a desk clock.
  • Early engraving of the original Ansonia Clock Factory in Connecticut.
  • Post the clock you would like to learn more about here.
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