Disputing credit card charges online gambling

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It's always wise to inspect the charge before contacting your bank and requesting that they issue the charge back. So if you can offer a legal, straight forward way to solve this problem, I am all ears, and am grateful for any advice on how to solve this situation. You could also see some evidence of them constantly funneling money to whichever one of them had fewer chips. So just be aware that there are repercussions with charging back. Well, that may be the case, but there's only one party here committing fraud!

Dispute Online Gambling Charges for Citibank Credit Card

This is primarily because the vendor does not want to expose themselves once a chargeback inquiry takes place, and doesn't have much to stand on anyway. This forces the credit card company and the online casino to carry out an investigation. The only way to stop this is for sites to not accept credit cards, but they don't want to do that since that would hurt business. But it also includes charges made by a legitimate merchant but which you never authorized. If persons running the business come to the United States they can be arrested and prosecuted, and any assets they might have in the country can be seized.

Some creditors and collection agencies refuse to lower the payoff amount, interest rate, and fees owed by the consumer. Unless you legitimately didn't make transactions that you're seeing on your credit card bill should you charge back otherwise I just don't think it's worth the implications that follow.

That's actually pretty funny. Your statements are very inconsistent. In fact, when I spoke with citi's awesome operators, they told me just that. Your freind will have difficulty getting the law on her side in this dispute.

Do Not Charge Back Legitimate Transactions

In most cases, the card issuer will contact you for more details if necessary. Sometimes the card issuer fails to credit a payment. It became finalized after their investigation in about weeks. Send everything keep a copy by a method that provides proof of delivery certified, return receipt requested or overnight mail to the billing office not the payment address of your credit card issuer.

Choose New Casinos with Caution. Now here's the real kicker, and how you get your money back I know, I've been beating around the bush, so here it is!

Legal Help, Information and Resources. Although the vendor may be listed on your statement, they are doing business for the casino as their authorized agent.

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Dispute Online Gambling Charges for Citibank Credit Card

So, short version, when disputing an online gambling charge, and the casino used a third party vendor, no deposit casino bonuse how could you be in the wrong? The process for disputing charges will be outlined in one or more of those documents. She's not disputing any other charges other than the ones from the crooked casino because she's an honest person. Get Your Free Credit Score!

Put the banks to work for you! Both are successfully self-employed, each in their own field. What's new New posts Latest activity. The business name is entirely different from the casino, and after talking to the casino, it is actually provided by a third party company. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Dispute Online Gambling Charges for Citibank Credit Card

Can you tell me what the merchant code says I purchased just to make sure? Forums New posts Search forums.

This category includes, of course, fraudulent charges made by a thief who has obtained your card number. Players use their credit cards to fund online casino accounts. If you think the charges are fake, then that's what you tell the bank. If they still are on the report I will dispute it with the credit agencies armed with my credit statements that show the charges as unauthorized. You may be blacklisted, however, from that and other online sites.

However if the players abuse the facilities given then everyone suffers. More Beginners Guide Tips.

Take the Problem Gambling Test. The reason they do the weird merchant coding is because internet gambling is not legal here in the states. So now that we found the secret, chargeback as much as you can until you get blacklisted or win! Other times an unauthorized person makes a charge.

Know Your Rights How to Dispute a Credit Card Charge - Credit Sesame

Which factor has the largest impact on your credit? Let your conscious be your guide, as they say. The sooner you catch an erroneous charge, the better. There's an entire underground out there meant to lure you in, and steal your money.